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Kristina Sokolova

Manager - Beautician with 13 years of experience without interruption

I have attended a number of international trainings with reputable dermatologists, teachers and well-known specialists. I have attended all cosmetic symposia, trainings and conferences of importance in the field of aesthetics. I have participated in world exhibitions and international seminars for the largest companies in the industry.

During my experience as a beautician I have encountered a number of problems in the professional field, which have helped me to upgrade the acquired knowledge and improve techniques. The meaning of the word cosmetics is beautification. It is not just that for me.  In my opinion, the main job of cosmetics is to help the client deal with the problems he has in the daily care of himself.

"Creating beauty with your hands is a gift, receiving recognition from your clients is a treasure, and helping is a happiness!"

Biliana Maleva

Therapist - Massage Therapist

Graduated from Delta College - Plovdiv in 2006.
Since 2006 until 2013 works as a masseuse in the team of Dr. Stancheva in BLC "Kamena" "- Velingrad.
Since 2013 starts working in Sofia.
Since 2015 works for Ka beauty studio, where she conducts additional qualifications and specializes in working with high-end equipment.

Excellent consultant, with the best results in slimming and anti-cellulite procedures (manual and apparatus).

"There is no greater reward for my work than the recognition of satisfied customers!

Thank you for your trust!"

Vanya Assenova

Manicure and medical pedicure

Vanya has been working for 5 years in the field of beauty. Exceptional professional with precision to detail.

"Manicure is the business card of every lady, and pedicure is easy. Our feet are the means that lead us around the world.”

Zhenya Valkova

Therapist - Massage Therapist

She starts working in 2005 in Konstantin and Elena resort. In 2006 also works in Bansko. Graduated from the Center for Vocational Training in Varna.

From 2018 works in KA beauty studio, where she specializes in working with high class equipment.
Achieves excellent results in her work with laser hair removal.

'Creating beauty with your hands is a gift, receiving recognition from customers is wealth, and helping is happiness!''

Tanya Pankova

Medical Cosmetician

Graduated from the Medical College of Vratsa with a degree in Medical Cosmetics. She has been working in the field of aesthetic cosmetics for 18 years - apparatus cosmetics, mesotherapy, cosmetic therapies, and procedures. Lecturer at the Infiniti Academy of Cosmetics and Cosmetics.

''For me, quality service, comfort and customer satisfaction are the main task.''


Perfect work in every aspect, manicure, hairdresser as well as beautician. From the thousands of salons, I visited, I would say that I finally found my place. My nails, hair and face have never looked better. Admiration to the girls. You should try their professionalism.

The team is made up entirely of professionals who pay attention to you and perform the procedures with great precision. I have visited other salons, but nowhere have I felt so special from the attention, attitude, and professionalism.I strongly recommend it! 🙌🙌🙌

Tsvetomila Mladenova

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