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Makeup is an art, the art of emphasizing the dignity of the face and emphasizing its individuality.

The main purpose of daily makeup is to emphasize our natural features, so it should be lighter and simpler. It gives freshness to the face during the day, regardless of the activities we do.

To achieve this beautiful simplicity of vision, neutral eye tones, are used, pencil and mascara should not be overdone, and the foundation is lighter so that the face can have a natural look.

Blush and lipstick should also be in a more neutral range, and for the lips can be used only gloss.

Daily make-up is emphasizing the natural features of the face without using bright and heavy colors.

If the right products and combinations are not selected, the make-up will not be an addition to the appearance, but its disadvantage.

To avoid this danger it is good to turn to the services of a professional makeup artist.

Daily makeup - 50 lv.

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Give your closest ones beauty and self-confidence
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Evening make-up should reflect the lady's radiance and emphasize the eyes so that they attract attention.

It is good to make a connection between makeup and the color of the dress, emphasizing the same tone. There are times in life when we need to look flawless in order to make a good impression and be highly self-confident. When such an occasion arises, evening make-up is the best choice for you.

To be successful, you need to make a complete make-up, който включва which includes pre-preparing the face, applying different foundations, using brighter and more saturated colors and choosing the right lipstick to emphasize the rest of the look.

In order for the make-up to be long-lasting, it is necessary to use products that "fix" it. It is here that the use of the services of a professional make-up artist is key, because the professionals have the right and quality products, that will achieve the stunning vision we need for the special occasion.

Evening makeup - 70 lv.

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Give your closest ones beauty and self-confidence
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Daily makeup
Evening makeup

Perfect work in every aspect, manicure, hairdresser as well as beautician. From the thousands of salons, I visited, I would say that I finally found my place. My nails, hair and face have never looked better. Admiration to the girls. You should try their professionalism.

The team is made up entirely of professionals who pay attention to you and perform the procedures with great precision. I have visited other salons, but nowhere have I felt so special from the attention, attitude, and professionalism.I strongly recommend it! 🙌🙌🙌

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